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shamantablack :"🚶Just walk around and I see YOU 👌👍blog... I really love it ... Smiles , just to say thaks and Hi!!!! ☺😃😃"

where are you that you can walk around and see me lol

but thank you ily, and hello! :D

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Anonymous :"Your gif!!! Omg I was just hit with a bunch of feelings. I thought I was over JT's death. How could degrassi be so cruel. I'm gonna go cry"

His death was one of the worst, most unexpected things and I’m still not over it

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irish-hamster :"Omfg I freakin love your blogs c: :3"

aw thank you, I’m glad :*

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faawnedofyou :"It might just be my dash but you're asks are publishing in threes."

yeah idk what is going on with that, it’s fine on my blog but on the dash it’s not? my xkit seems to be spazzing, I’m so sorry about that!

aurel-strider :"You're hilarious OMG ily"

thanks I try

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dontworry-behappy-smileformeplz :"What possessed you to make this amazing blog?"


liferuinedbyjustinbieber :"I just found this blog! Omfg I love it! Sooo funny haha"

yay I’m so glad we found each other then :)

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indianajordyn :"Just wanted to say hi and tell you your blog is amazing :)"

Hello and thank you!! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

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Anonymous :"How many followers do you have??"

A few thousand????

(I gained over a thousand in the past day from Buzzfeed which is super awesome :D)

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sexystud12 :"Way all do u do on tumbler"

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