Peeta's Cardboard Chronicles
Anonymous :"THIS. IS. SPARTA! - Cardboard Cato"


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If you google image search ‘cardboard peeta’ the fourth thing that shows up is a picture of my face getting pelted by craisins

I wish I was joking

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Peeta goes Bollywood


Peeta goes Bollywood

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Anonymous :""Aren't I the most beautiful man you have ever laid your eyes on?" - Cardboard Finnick"

I’ve seen better

xoxo - Cardboard Peeta


Peeta goes to therapy

‘I see bread people’

-‘And how does that make you feel?’


Peeta’s Cardboard Chronicles

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Anonymous :"Huh huh huh huh! Im soooo much more sexyish than you! - Cardboard Gale."

I still get all da pussy tho

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Hey so this is cool

My friend just informed me that Peeta’s Cardboard Chronicles shows up in Google right after Peeta cardboard cutout! :D

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Anonymous :"This blog is hilarious! Thanks for making it :D"

Thanks! I made it for youuu <3

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so this is what we do on Saturday nights…

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